Student Representative office (SRO) is incubated at QEC to streamline the activities for club and societies. SRO works with all the departments to establish Class representative System and accepts registration for different Clubs and Societies. Club/Societies consist of a convener; who leads the entity, a secertary; who assist convener for the execution of general duties, a treasurer; who makes realistic annual budget and general members.

SRO establishes clear rules and regulations for all the entities and the participants under it to keep order and a proper system. All students extra-curricular activities at the University of Lahore are arranged by Student representative Office. Currently registered clubs/ Societies are Dramatic Club, debating society, environmental Society, Photography Club, adventure Club, Health Society, Arts & Cultural Society, Computer Gaming Society and many more. Different forms are available at Student Representative Office to initiate student activities throughout the university like Expression of Interest, Event proposal form, Facilities required form, Event planning guideline and many more.

Co Curricular Activities:

Many events and seminars are arranged across the University under banner of SRO:

Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

Establishing Guinness Book of World Records- Arm Wrestling

Gade3 Environmental Seminar

Trekking trips to Northern Areas of Pakistan

Seminars on Paragliding and Mountaineering

Blood Camps


Engineering & IT competetion (Project of Punjab Youth Festival)

Declamation and debating contests

Cultural Festivals- Lok Mela

Women's Day events

Sports Tournaments

Emergency Medical Services Training

Aero Modeling Competitions


Students Services Centre:

Student services Centre (SSC) is envisaged to offer one-step, efficient, & excellent services to its students & develop them academically & physically in an inclusive environment. SSC is operating under principles of a sense of service, courtesy, fairness, integrity, empathy, efficiency, teamwork and learning. Goals of SSC include recruiting & retaining best student, provide excellent admin services, enable students to develop life skills, & promote continuous improvement to achieve excellence in student services. SSC fosters the personal, emotional & academic well-being of students through counseling and career services. Health & disabilities service provide first aid services to all departments, train staff for basic self aid, provide full time medical staff, arrange health care awareness programs & establish blood bank for blood donations. SSC guides students regarding their clearance procedure, applying for degree, Interim Transcript, Transcript, Detail Marks Certificate (DMC), Duplicate Result Cards, Verification of Documents, Issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) and Bonafide, duration Certificate, and many other routine issues. 


Student Services:

From lush gardens and quiet libraries to bustling cafes and state of the art laboratories, the University of Lahore has spared no expense in ensuring that students receive access to international quality facilities.


 The university has its own large fleet of buses, mini buses and vans that provides pick and drop facility to its various campuses and around the city. The university also provides shuttle bus services to its students and faculties from one campus to another. A detailed transport plan along with specified routes can be obtained from the transport office.

Sport Facilities:

At the University of Lahore, we firmly believe that a healthy body is a key to healthy mind. In this regard, the UOL has invested in purpose built sports and recreational facilities, which include spaces for, table tennis, swimming, cricket and football. A FIFA grade football field and track are also in development along with separate Gymnasiums for both male and female students. sports at the University are managed by a dedicated department of sports.


 IT department is responsible for timely based maintenance and update of hardware and software which helps user fresh technology and make his/ her work easy.

Library Facilities:

The University's library resources include books, journals and e-books. The University of Lahore currently houses four well equipped libraries with cumulatively more than 31000 books catering to a wide range of subjects. The University also has access to 72 Mbps Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN) facilities, E-library, OPAC, mini lab, HEC digital library as well as International online Liraries and Journals. We have subscription of World Class Turnitin services for Plagiarism check.

Hostels/ Accomodation:

Separate hostel accomodation is available for both male and female students at the University. Defence Road Campus of the University features in facility of two hostels for females: Razia Hall and Fatima Hall, for about 750 students in it. A separate boys hostel is also being completed. But avoiding students from any convenience, UOL has rented two hostels for boys near the campuses. a total of 70 students are accomodated in these hostels.

Facilities provided at both hostels are; Mess, Mosque, Separate TV Room, Telephone, Guest Room, Newspaper, Common Room, Computer Room, Electric Water Coolers, High Speed Internet & Wifi, Hostel Laundry & 24 hours Security. Wardens are responsible for ensuring the availabilities of all facilities & management in hostels. Additional housing & accomodation is available in the vicinity of the campuses & is managed by University hostels department.

IT Facilities:

The University boasts excellent IT facilities with dedicated PC and Mac labs on premises. 16MB/s internet is also available to students in labs as well as the new wireless service on the defence road campus. All University students recieve a dedicated University email address. student information is stored and accessed via sophisticated University management system thus making the UOL a forerunner in modernizing student data management service within Pakistan.

Catering & Cafeteria:

The University houses dedicateed student center, four floors of self-service cafeteria serving delicious continental cuisine, snakes through kiosks at Defence Road Campus. Event management, guesthouse dining and hostel dining are also provided by Food and Lodging department. A coffee bar and independent faculty dining area is also present within the facility along with adjunct services such as internet cafe and bookshops etc. The Raiwind Road Campus, Islamabad Cmpus, Sargodha Cmpus and Lahore City Cmpus also have dedicated University managed cafeteria facilities.

Teacher's Names:

Mr. Moeen Ahmad Choudry

Pharm. D Admission Coordinator

Phone # 04235321456-60

Mr. Zeeshan Masood

Examination Incharge

Phone # 04235321456-60

Mr. Asad Saeed

Result Incharge

Phone # 04235321456-60

Muhammad Ijaz

M.Phil Admission Coordinator

Phone # 04235321456-60