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Participation of Faculty Members of Pharmacy in Pak Pharma Expo 2018

Pak Pharma Expo was a two-day event, held from 23rd January to 24th of January 2018 at Expo Centre Lahore. The event showcased products like Pharmaceutical equipment, bulk drug manufacturing, dies and tools manufacturing, analytical equipment, environmental control and monitoring equipment. The event also hosted scientific session to update the audience with the recent trends and research areas related to Pharmacy profession. The event was attended by faculty members of Pharmacy department, whereas Mr. Muhammad Zaman, Assistant Professor and Ms. Azeema Tayyab, Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy participated in scientific session.

Mr. Muhammad Zaman presented his work on ‘Fabrication of Thiolated Arabinoxylan based Mucoadhesive Buccal Films containing Tizanidine HCl: An in-vitro and in-vivo analysis’. The research work focuses on the enhancement of the bioavailability of Tizanidine HCl (TZN) by formulating mucoadhesive buccal films by using novel mucoadhesive film former thiolated arabinoxylan (TAX). He has concluded in his work that Thiol modification of TZN proved expedient and buccal films as a drug delivery system ascertained dual effect of providing persistent release of drug with improved pharmacokinetics.

Ms. Azeema Tayyab presented her work on polypharmacy in scientific session on 24th January. The topic of her presentation was ‘Incidence of Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) from Polypharmacy prescriptions at Tertiary Care Hospitals of Pakistan; A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study Design’. She discussed the occurrence of repetition in prescriptions and/or the use of same generic drug with different brands. 

  • Participation of Faculty Members of Pharmacy in Pak Pharma Expo 2018
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