University of Lahore

The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lahore, is consisting of over 70 teachers who are competent to impart professional and technical education to pharmacy students. 21 of them are holding Ph.D. in various disciplines of Pharmacy and rest of all members are enrolled in  Ph.D. program in Pakistan and abroad. Faculty members are striving to the best of their ability to prepare the students for future challenges through the development of communication, problem solving skills, caring, professionalism, innovation, productivity and moral ethics among students.

Here, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lahore, we recognise that the years spent in higher education are some of the most formative of an individual’s life and must be enriched by activities and experiences inside and outside the classroom. The Faculty of Pharmacy emphasises healthy sports and co-curricular activities. With a vibrant culture of officially approved student society named as University of Lahore Imperial Pharmaceutical Society (UOLIPS) and participation through seminars, workshops, conferences, summits and educational exhibitions, the University fosters the growth of leadership, managerial, professional and social skills among students. UOLIPS is an energetic team who earn good repute in organising such events, seminars and exhibitions to enhance the skills, expertise and knowledge of young pharmacists. The students are also imbued with a sense of community service through the University’ insensitive disaster relief program: UOL Relief, where students voluntarily participate in providing aid and facilitation to disaster affected areas of Pakistan.

Our vision is to be recognised globally for excellence in innovation, professionalism, education and health related research.

The University welcomes International students from other countries for whom special seats are allocated in various programs of studies. In the recent years it has attracted students from Canada, Turkey, Palestine, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Uganda and Somalia etc.

HOD Message

Dr. Javed Iqbal

It’s my great honor and privilege to serve Head, Faculty of Pharmacy in this distinguished, impressive and illustrious institute “University of Lahore”. Our commitment to pharmacy education with high enthusiasm and devotion has elementary purpose to furnish young pharmacy students with professionalism, expertise, proficiency and skills. This is one of the leading university in imparting the quality pharmacy education. I am pleased to share such a valuable information that faculty of pharmacy comprises 21 Ph.D. teachers which are highly competent and accomplished to maintain high standards in pharmacy education.

We, as a team continually struggle for betterment and advancement of profession, therefore we will welcome any valuable suggestions for further improvement.