University of Lahore

Academic Services

Since its establishment in 1999 as a degree-awarding institute, The University of Lahore has always been at the forefront of innovation. In a short span of time, it has played.  


Library Facilities

The university's library resources include books, journals and e-books. The University of Lahore currently houses four well equipped libraries with cumulatively more than 35,000 books catering to a wide range of subjects. The university also has access to 72 Mbps Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN) facility, E-Library, OPAC, mini labs, HEC digital library as well as international online libraries and journals. The University of Lahore has subscription of World Class Turnitin services for Plagiarism check.

IT Facilities

Data Center

The University of Lahore (UOL) becomes the first university in Pakistan's Education Sector, public or private, to establish a redundant certified Tier-III Data Center, adding innovation and technology to its already well-established educational infrastructure. UOL pride itself with being at the forefront of innovation as a University and to enable that using technological advancements from across the world. This Data Center is a ste in the same direction, will be hosting not only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for labs of 11 diverse Faculties and 40 Departments, Private Cloud for UOL's over 30.000 sudents & 4,000 faculty members, and SAP-ERP including Student Life Cycle & Campus Management Facilities. UOL also aspire to offer her services to various other academic institutions and commercial organization in near future through this Data Center.

The University boasts of excellent IT facilities with dedicated PC and Mac labs on premises. 72 Mbps internet is available to students in labs as well as the new wireless service on the Defence Road Campus. All students will get the following services:

  • A dedicated computer login
  • Student information login (SIS)
  • University Email-ID

SAP-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

SAP-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) at UOL is a business process management that allows the organisation to use an integrated system to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and applications of human resources. The latest version (SAP-ERP 6.0) was made available in 2006, which has been deployed in University of Lahore with Enhancement Package (EHP7).

Having the SAP infrastructure in place has sped up any in-house development efforts because the SAP development tools and fairly easy to learn and there is a lot you can do to customize the system and build on extra functionality. being able to do this has enhanced our return on investment in the SAP product. It has also simplified the technical support basis and account management for all these functions in one place. Our SAP system is extremely robust and we have had virtually no no downtime during service hours since we implemented it.

SAP-ERP for making UOL a forerunner in modernizing student data management services within Pakistan.


Hostles & Accomodation

The University of Lahore provides hostel facilities to both male and female students. The defence Road Campus of the University features a facility of three hostels for females for over 1600 students in it.

  • Razia Hall
  • Fatima Hall
  • Shahida Hall

The students are provided with accommodation, mess, high speed internet. the hostels have a gym and a swimming pool, where students will be able to benefit from expert fitness advice and take training classes.

Library Facilities

The University's library resources include books, journals and e-books. The University of Lahore currently houses four well equipped libraries with cumulatively more than 35,000 books catering to a wide range of subjects.

Transport Services

The University of Lahore (UOL) has its own large fleet of buses, mini buses and vans that provide pick and drop facility to its various campuses, and around the city. The University also provides shuttle bus services to its staff and faculty members from one campus to another. a detailed transport plan along with specified routes can be obtained from the transport office of UOL. Transport facilities are also available to adjacent cities of Lahore.

Catering and Cafeteria

The University houses dedicated student center and four floors of self-service cafeteria serving delicious continental cuisine, snaks through kiosks at Defence Road Campus. Event Management, guest house dining and hostel dining is also provided by the food and lodging department. 

Medical and Dental Health

The University of Lahore has invested in extensive health and dental facilities. This includes a 300 bed teaching hospital located at Defence Road Campus and a dental hospital located at Raiwind Road Campus. The University of Lahore has a Teaching Hospital, Dental Hospital and a Physical Therapy and Radiology Diagnostic Center situated at the Raiwind Road Campus with state of the art equipment and experts for facilitating the faculty and students.